Technology Expert Witness Services

Although a relatively new service line, X3 has already developed an impressive reputation as a go-to resource for expert witness testimony in legal disputes involving technology.  Our expertise has been called upon to review disputed technology patents and offer expert testimony opinion as to if, how, and where a piece of technology may or may not violate an existing legal patent or other intellectual property.   Because we have expertise in such a wide range of technologies, you can be sure we have the right people to apply to just about any issue.

How do we provide expert witness testimony?

Our consultants will work with your legal team to understand the points of contention and can then evaluate the technology in question to provide your team the ammunition they need to fight the legal battle.

In addition, our consultants are more than just geeks. X3 consultants are quite adept at boiling down even the most complex "techno-babble" into terms and concepts that can be easily understood by non-technical people, perfect for the average jury.

X3 consultants can provide expert witness testimony for a wide variety of technical cases

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