Print Media Design

Print media design is a type of graphic design that focuses on how items will look when printed. Although the elements of this type of design are often created on computers, the final product always has a physical manifestation. Most companies combine print media design with new media design in order to present a consistent aesthetic. Special considerations taken into account in this type of design include the physical process of printing, the way colors appear when printed, and how different printed elements will interact with other aspects of design.

One of the most common uses of print media design is for business cards. Having a professional business card is necessary in many different fields, and this custom is not easily replaced with online alternatives. Usually when a designer approaches this type of project, he or she must consider any other designs related to the person or business, as the card must represent the person or company in order to be effective.

Printed media design might include:

  • Business cards
  • Printed brochures
  • Yard signs
  • Product manuals