Web Hosting Solutions

Whether your web hosting need require a simple single server platforms or highly robust multi-server database clusters with front-end web farms running in the cloud, X3 can design and host a solution right for you. We provide web hosting for hundreds of customers including high-volume websites for multi-billion dollar firms.

What type of web hosting plans do you offer?

We tailor your web hosting solution to your business needs. If you only have 10 visitors a day, you don't need a dedicated web server and we wouldn't try to push that on you. It's not cost effective, and quite frankly, it would like using a nuclear weapon to kill an insect. Likewise if your website needs multiple web servers and redundant database servers, we can help with that too. We have seen it all and we know how to bring the right sized web hosting solution to fit your needs.

At a minimum, our web hosting services include the following:

  • Excellent customer service available 24/7
  • Constant monitoring
  • Email accounts
  • Guaranteed backups
  • Guaranteed up time with enterprise SLAs
  • More disk space than you will likely ever need
  • Numerous bandwidth plans
  • Traffic reports that are easy to read and understand

We are proud to partner with CBeyond and Microsoft Azure to offer world class web hosting plans that are capable of scaling to your business needs.

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