Mobile App Development

Mobile application development, or mobile app development, is the development of software specifically for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, tablets, or mobile phones. These mobile applications can be downloaded by users from various mobile software distribution platforms (like the Apple App Store, or delivered as web applications that provide an "application-like" experience within a web browser.

Business mobile apps are often tightly coupled to a full business website application, but the user experience is highly tuned to the mobile device and might also take advantage of device specific features, such as the camera, an accelerometer, or GPS abilities of the device.

X3 uses a special mobile app development methodology that delivers mobile apps compatible across a wide variety of mobile operating systems from a single code base. No longer do you have to separately pay for iOS mobile app development, Android mobile app development, BlackBerry mobile app development, and Windows mobile app development. We can develop once and deploy to many devices, saving you potentially huge amounts of development costs.


Do I need a mobile app development?

Many people often confuse mobile app development with mobile website development. Heck, even experienced web developers often get the terminology wrong. Mobile apps are applications that are optimized to run on your mobile device. Think 'Angry Birds', that's a mobile app. 'Mobile websites' often just means responsive web design, which is related but also often much cheaper to achieve. If you're interested in responsive web design, we can help with that too.