Web Application Development

A web application is an application that is accessed by users over a network such as the public internet or a private intranet.  Web application may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable.

Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, and the convenience of using a web browser as a client, sometimes called a thin client. The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for their popularity, as is the inherent support for cross-platform compatibility. In other words, developers don't have to write one application that works on Windows, and another that works on the Apple OS, they can write one web application that works on any internet browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and many others.

Do I need a web application?

Web application development goes beyond a typical 'brochure" type information website to provide complex user interaction.  Web applications are often integrated will other third party systems or databases used to manage critical business functionality.

In the past, it was simple, the best designed websites won. Today, users demand rich interaction and robust functionality that only custom web applications can bring. X3 has more than 15 years of experience creating both.

We pride ourselves on using the right tool for the job.  We don't use a hammer when a simple fly swatter will do.  We leverage best of breed proven solutions and web application development methodologies to develop custom web applications just for your business needs.  

Whether you need a custom e-commerce application, database integration, a member portal or an intranet/extranet application, our web application development team has the technical expertise and practical experience to create the perfect solution. If you need a dynamic mobile application to better connect with your audience when they're on the go, our mobile application development team is skilled on all platforms.